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We love great coffee. And most mornings, we want it quick. That’s why we’re fans of one cup coffee makers.

Here at Quick-CupCoffee.com, we try to answer your questions about single cup coffee. Learn how single serve brewing systems from Keurig, Tassimo, Flavia, and others brew a great cup of gourmet coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in less than 60 seconds.

However, if you’re a more deliberate coffee lover, visit our friends at CoffeeReview.com for ratings and reviews of top-rated whole bean coffees from many of America’s finest coffee roasters.

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The First Questions.

Just starting to learn about one-cup brewing systems? Here are the three questions we’re most commonly asked by people learning about single cup coffee makers.

  1. Why are one cup coffee makers becoming so popular?
  2. Which single-cup system is best?
  3. What about cost?
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1: Why are one cup coffee makers becoming so popular?

Coffee lovers tell us they like one cup brewing systems for a variety of reasons, including:

QUALITY-These new single cup coffee makers brew great coffee. Because the systems automate brew time and water temperature while the roasters control coffee quality, coffee quantity, and grind, the quality of each cup is remarkably consistent. And since each cup of coffee brewed by a single serve coffee system is brewed fresh, burnt or stale coffee is no longer a problem.

INDIVIDUAL CHOICE-With one cup coffee makers, every cup is brewed just for you. You choose the brand and type of coffee, tea, or chocolate you prefer. With some single cup coffee systems offering over 200 different varieties of gourmet coffees, teas, and hot chocolates, it’s easy for everyone to find a hot beverage that they’ll enjoy.

CONVENIENCE-One cup coffee makers are easy to use. Put your mug in place, select and place your favorite K-Cup, T-Disc, or coffee pod in the brewer, and press a button. The machine does the rest. With single cup coffee systems, there’s no grinding, no old coffee filters, and clean-up is simply dropping the used pod or capsule into the nearest trash can.

QUICK BREW TIME-From start to finish, one cup coffee makers can brew you a gourmet cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in less than a minute. Now the wait for that first sip is shorter than ever.

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2: Which single cup brewing system is best?
One-Cup Coffee Brewers are made by Keurig, Tassimo, Flavia and Senseo

Popular One-Cup Coffee Brewers

We’re here to help you decide which one cup coffee maker you might like best.聽Then, once you make your decision, we’ll try to provide more information to help answer questions about your single cup brewing choice.

We do know of a few different sources that have compared different one cup coffee makers. Recently, CoffeeReview.com, the world’s leading coffee buying guide,聽tested a number of single cup coffee brewers. They seemed to prefer the Keurig K-Cup system and the Nespresso capsule system.

In addition to consistently brewing great coffee, these one cup coffee makers are engineered to be quick, easy-to-use, and clean. An article in Popular Mechanics compared eight popular single cup brewing systems to see which brewers best lived up to their promise of quick, delicious coffee.

Finally, from time to time, we look at how often internet users search for the different one cup brewing systems on Google. If you use this to measure the popularity of each of the systems, then Keurig is the leader followed by Tassimo. Coffee pods were a common search term a few years ago, but have seemed to have lost much of their popularity since.

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3: What about cost?

Convenience and choice have value and it’s reflected in the cost of single cup brewing systems.

A good, entry-level one cup coffee maker from Keurig, Tassimo or Flavia is between $100.00 and $130.00 depending on the model, and the coffee, tea, or hot chocolate capsule for each cup is about $.65. In total, the per-cup cost of coffee brewed by a single cup coffee maker is more than if you brewed a pot of coffee at home, but less than buying a cup on the way to work.

Pod brewers like Senso and coffee pods are generally less expensive than the other one cup options, but we feel that pod brewers aren’t as consistently high-quality and convenient as the other brewers, and that’s reflected in the cost difference.

For more information about the cost of each single cup coffee system, please visit the system’s page on our site.

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