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4: How many different K-Cups are available?

Over 200 different Keurig coffee, teas, and hot chocolates are available and new varieties being introduced each month. Explore the links below to see which of your favorite roasts and blends are available in K-Cups. Please be aware, the list below is not comprehensive. Brands release K Cups in certain regions and through certain retail channels, so be sure to see what’s available at your nearby grocery or retail store as well.

Coffees and Hot Chocolates

Teas and Ciders

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4 Responses to “4: How many different K-Cups are available?”

  1. Wow there are so many different k cups to choose from I don’t know where to start.

  2. I like Wolfgang Pucks Jamaica Me Crazy – but cannot find it in anything but 3 pack. I also like Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea – and cannot find that at all.

    I am a little frustrated.

    By Linda Gorman on Dec 27, 2011 | Reply
  3. Unfortunately, those two flavors have been discontinued by Green Mountain Coffee. You may be able to find some on auction sites or sites selling older k-cups, but no new ones are being produced. Check out greenmountaincoffee.com to see what’s available. For a wider selection, you can also visit Keurig.com.

  4. We’d recommend trying a sample pack and narrowing it down from there. Green Mountain Coffee currently offers dark roast, flavored, and most-popular sample packs.

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