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Keurig Vue

February 15th, 2012

Today, Keurig released the details of their next generation one-cup coffee brewing system: the Keurig Vue. The Keurig Vue single-cup coffee brewer will retail for $249 and use Vue packs in place of the Keurig K-cups; unfortunately, the Keurig Vue is not compatible with kcups and only works with Vue packs, which are similar is function but not design to the Keurig k-cups.

The Keurig Vue single-cup coffee maker features touchscreen controls and can brew coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and iced coffee beverages in sizes from 4 ozs (for espressos) to 18 ozs (for travel mugs). The brew temperature can also be programmed to brew Vue packs at your preferred temperaturs. Finally, the Keurig Vue is Keurig’s first one-cup coffee brewer capable of brewing milk-based beverages. Similar to Tassimo’s two t-disc system, milk-based Keurig Vue coffee drinks are created using two Vue packs: one with the coffee, the other containing the milk.

Finally, the Keurig has responded to the wave of criticism regarding the difficulty to be recycle k-cups. The Keurig Vue packs are made of #5 plastic, aluminum, and paper. They are designed so that the top aluminum foil and filter can be removed and separated from the #5 plastic container. Both elements can then be recycled. The Keurig Vue is expected to be available online and in retail stores in the next few weeks.

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4 Responses to “Keurig Vue”

  1. Sorry, no. After shelling out $150 for my K-Cup brewer, I am not throwing away almost twice that for the Next New Thing.

    By Rabbit on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply
  2. “….which are similar IS function to but not design…” and “…the wave of criticism regarding the difficulty to BE RECYCLE k-cups….”

    Dear God…..have you people heard of proofreaders?????? This blog is VERY poorly written.


    By Randy Koger on Mar 1, 2012 | Reply
  3. I purchased the Vue machine two weeks ago. None of the major stores are caring the Vue cups so I have to drive 20 miles to get coffee. At this time the coffee that I have tried is still only decent in 8 oz size. The new Vue is not as fast as the Keurig prem machine that I had before and if you push the strong on the touch screen the time becomes longer. Ithank I will have to purchase the travel mug size cups to get a good cup of coffee.

    By William Brown on Mar 16, 2012 | Reply
  4. Unfortunately, mistakes slip through at times. We’ll keep a closer eye on things. Thanks.

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