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4: Where can I buy T-Discs?

Tassimo T-Discs are sold in department stores, large box stores, and through internet retailers.

The best source for buying T-Discs is Tassimo’s web site which sales every type of T-Disc being produced. And, if you sign-up for Tassimo’s Direct Delivery program, you get access to T-Disc beverages not available elsewhere.

Finally, we like the store locator on Tassimo’s web site. Use it to find a retailer near you that sells the Tassimo one-cup brewer and T-Discs.

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5 Responses to “4: Where can I buy T-Discs?”

  1. i have the tassimo bruer and i can’t find the cappuccino t discs and all the others that use milk were can i find them they are all out of stock were ever i go and they are not in the stores i use a talking screan reader soft were i am blind hope you can help thanks kathy

  2. I have a Tassimo brewer but cannot find the cappuccino or latte pods ANYWHERE! It’s very frustrating to have the brewer and not be able to purchase the desired pods.

    The recall of the brewers obviously effected the distribution of many of the pod products. This makes the brewers a dust collector on the kitchen counter.

    Poor management, poor design, and poor dissemination of the problem with the brewer and inability to purchase the pods.

    I WOULD NOT recommend the product!

  3. You can order t-discs directly from http://www.tassimodirect.com. I would also recommend talking to your local store manager about ordering t-discs.

  4. I have called Tassimo and asked about the disks and they cannot give you any information. I am also waiting on replacement discs from the recall and have not received them either. I think its time to move on from my Tassimo and get something else. Their poor customer service and inability to get the product out seems like the company will go under soon. I am not sure why they think its better to not tell you anything rather than the truth. If they said 2 months than ok I would know how long to wait but this limbo thing is for the birds.

    By Joy on Apr 2, 2012 | Reply
  5. i’ve seen the pods at target, walmart and bed bath&beyond

    By maryanne on Apr 17, 2012 | Reply

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