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2: Where’s the best place to buy Keurig coffee?

NOTE: For a limited time, GreatCoffee.com is offering an extra discount of $1.00/box to our readers. Use coupon code SAVA$ in your shopping cart to receive the discount. That means you can buy a box of 24 K-Cups for as little as $11.99–a cost of just $.50/each–and the lowest price we know of for K Cups.

The good news is that you can find Keurig coffee in more and more places across the United States. K-Cups are available from office coffee distributors, internet retailers, and in grocery and retail stores.

The best place to buy K Cups really depends on how many want and how you choose to balance convenience and purchase price.  For home users, the internet is still the most popular place to buy K-Cups, although Keurig coffee can also be found at supermarkets and big box retailers like Target.

For large offices, the best solution is having a local office coffee service (OCS) distributor. The OCS ensures that the office has everything needed to serve Keurig coffee. Small offices and businesses generally find that the internet or warehouse stores like Costco are great places to buy K Cup coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

KCups are typically sold in 12-, 18-, 24-, or 80-count packages depending on where they are purchased. So, as you compare prices, be sure to consider the number of K Cups in each package. The chart below compares the typical price per K-Cup by package size.

Location Package Size Typical Price Price/K-Cup
Costco 160 K-Cups $84.99 $.53
OCS Distributor* 24 K-Cups $12.99-16.00 $.54-.67
Internet Site 24 K-Cups $12.99-16.00 $.54-.67
Big Box Retailer** 18 K-Cups $12.00-13.00 $.67-72
Supermarket 12 K-Cups $7.99-8.99 $.67-.75
Amazon.com 24 K-Cups $14.20-15.95 $.59-.66

* Some OCS distributors include use of a Keurig brewer as part of their KCup price.
** Stores like Macy’s, Target, or Bed, Bath & Beyond. On their Internet sites, these companies sell K Cups in 18-pack boxes.

Most Internet sites offer free shipping or other discounts when you order 4-6 boxes of K-Cups. The price per KCup will be higher if you don’t order enough boxes to qualify for these discounts.

Buying K-Cups on the Internet
Four popular internet sites that sell Keurig coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are described below. To find other retailers, just Google the search term K-Cups.

GreenMountainCoffee.com—Sign-up for Café Express and save $2.00 on every box of K Cups you order. With Café Express, KCups are automatically shipped to you on your schedule, so you never run out. This program is extremely popular with home users and offers free shipping on orders of four or more boxes of K-Cups.

Keurig.com—With over 200 different gourmet coffees, teas, and hot chocolates available, this site offers the widest variety of K Cups. Join Keurig’s Coffee Club and save 10% on every box of KCups that you buy. Keurig Coffee Club members also receive free shipping on orders of four or more boxes of K-Cups.

If you work in a large office of 25 people or more, you can request a free trial of the Keurig one cup brewing system where you work.


GreatOfficeCoffee.com sells K-Cups to small offices and businesses throughout the United States.Prices start at $12.99 per box and there is an order minimum of six boxes. Order 12 or more boxes of K Cups and receive a bulk rate of $12.99 per box. Free shipping is available for every order and orders of ten or boxes of K-Cups are upgraded to free two-day shipping.

A companion site, GreatCoffee.com sells KCups in smaller order quantities for home use. GreatCoffee.com offers a unique “Fresh for Sure” guarantee which ensures a “Use By” date for each box of K-Cups is displayed on the K cup order page. Free shipping is available on all orders of six or more boxes of K Cups.

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27 Responses to “2: Where’s the best place to buy Keurig coffee?”

  1. Keurig coffee is really hitting it big. I think that this idea of single serve coffee is really fun. There are plenty of flavors to choose from that it makes it quite nice to be able to throw a cup in and out spits your flavor of choice. As American continues to be a super fast paced country I see this being a big contributor to the coffee consumption.

  2. When I bought my Keurig Coffeemaker, I signed up for a deal where when I sent in my first order of four boxes of K cups, I would only have to pay for two boxes. This came in a card in the original box. Now I am ready to send for four boxes of Starbucks extra bold and can’t find the address where to send it. Could you please send me an address or phone number where I can send for the coffee? Thank You. Ruth Schiller

    By Ruth Schiller on Dec 24, 2011 | Reply
  3. Amazon subscribe and save option is the BEST price and free shipping period. Less expensive than referced above about Green Mountain Coffee, even with the promo code.

    By pamala gray on Dec 27, 2011 | Reply
  4. Thanks for the information.

  5. You would have to contact the seller directly, did you buy it directly from Green Mountain Coffee or a retailer? Also, the Starbucks-branded K-cups are currently only available from retail outlets and not via mail-order. So they may not be able to give you those k-cups.

  6. Just go to Keurig.com. Register your coffee maker and you get the coupon emailed to you.

    By Lynn Stickel on Dec 31, 2011 | Reply
  7. received a Keurig single cup for a gift and can not find the cinnomon K cups anyplace. would appreciate the info. Thankyou, V. Bonventre

  8. You can find Donut House Cinnamon Roll K-cups at greatcoffee.com and greenmountaincoffee.com. Enjoy.

  9. Bought my K-cup at Bed Bath and Beyond

    By tina on Jan 7, 2012 | Reply
  10. I never see it listed. Sam’s Club 80 (K Cups) $37.95 They show it listed on-line for $42.00 but at the store in southern california (I have bought from 2 differnet stores, 1 in Placentia and 1 in Stanton) the cost is $37.95

  11. Bj’s sells k-cups a box of 80 for 39.99

    By Mike on Jan 26, 2012 | Reply
  12. I live at 5000ft. above sea level & kcup lids tend to bulge? BUT this is not the real problem………some of the lids seem to come unglued or explode after closing & grounds are spilled everywhere, what a mess to clean up & ruins the coffee!! Has anyone else had this happen? Do you think this has anything to do with high elevation or expiration date on the pkg.?

    By Susan on Jan 27, 2012 | Reply
  13. Sams Club in south jersey has Neumanns Own. A box of 80 kcups is 40.00. Best price I have seen

    By Debbie on Jan 28, 2012 | Reply
  14. But Amazon Subscribe & Save has a VERY limited choice of brands/flavors.

    By susan on Jan 28, 2012 | Reply
  15. I registared my coffee maker, and the site told me I would get two box free. I order three boxes. I got an email telling me they were out of coffee. I have yet to hear any more from them. Just another come on, Keurig should be ashamed of them self.

    By Shamong9 on Jan 28, 2012 | Reply
  16. I have no idea why the lids are coming off at that high altitude. I’d recommend contacting Keurig or Green Mountain Coffee directly and letting them know you’re having issues.

  17. I’m sorry you had that bad experience; I would recommend contacting customer service again just to follow-up. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters handles all the production for the k-cups, and there may be issues with getting beans from the roasters for the roast you wanted or just high demand.

  18. When you register your Keurig machine you will also register for their KClub. When you do that, they will send a coupon code via email. Use that on their site to pick your two purchase/two free.

    By Lea Ann on Feb 5, 2012 | Reply
  19. I just bought the Cuisinart Single brew machine… does this unit also qualify for the buy two get two promotion? Also, is the buy two get two a one time deal or ongoing order promotion?

    By risz89 on Feb 7, 2012 | Reply
  20. I would check with the retailer you purchased the Cuisinart brewer from. If you bought it from a retailer, I’d recommend contacting Green Mountain Coffee and ask if the deal applies.

  21. This is good. The only place I know that is cheaper is Sams Club at 46.1 cents each in boxes of 80. However shipping can bring it up to 53 cents each.

    By cerferperry on Feb 12, 2012 | Reply
  22. Interesting comments. Purchased Keurig thru QVC with extras included.
    Buy most K-Cups from Kuerig, Younkers has a good selection. But their 60
    miles away (West MI )

    By Thomas Reed on Feb 12, 2012 | Reply
  23. I have had mine for a year and a half LOVE it I just picked one up for my son and his wife also I like coffee for less but is there less expensive places to buy from.


  24. Costco in north georgia and Houston Tx. has 80 count K cups for $36.97.. can’t beat that price anywhere.

    By Incognito on Mar 30, 2012 | Reply
  25. The K-Cups burst at high altitude due to lower air pressure up there. The lids are sealed closer to sea level where there is more air pressure, so when you elevate them 5000 feet they act like little balloons and will pop sometimes. That is why potato chips have to be bagged somewhat locally. If you bag/seal something at a high altitude and then bring it down to sea level it will look like it was shrink wrapped due to the effect working in reverse.

    By Ben Lantz on Mar 30, 2012 | Reply
  26. Thanks for the explanation. Good to know.

  27. That’s a pretty great price.

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